Add Value To Your Home With These Extras

Add Value To Your Home With These Extras

The real estate industry in San Francisco CA is a fickle beast. One never knows how much a home is going to buy or sell for as the market is always fluctuating. Thus, whether a person is a homeowner or flipper, they make additions here and there to increase the property's value. After all, they want the place to fetch the highest possible price when the time to sell does arrive. Continue reading to learn about some improvements that you can make to improve a house's worth.

Something To Keep In Mind

Individuals San Francisco CA  can spend a lot of money on projects and fail to receive a sufficient return on the investments. For instance, a person can have the most luxurious and beautiful home on the block, but if the house next door is crumbling and falling apart, they might not get a high dollar amount for their structure. The neighborhood, in general, may also affect the closing cost. So, be sure to check around and see if the project is worth your time or money.

Without Further Delay, Home Improvement Projects That Add Value

1. Landscaping

Curb appeal matters when trying to sell a home San Francisco CA. Landscaping is a great way to make the property more visually appealing and ensure that the house turns people's heads. Plus, if you are going to be living in the place for a while, lovely plants, trees, and flowerbeds are easy on the eyes. A home with a good landscaping design has a significant advantage over one with no landscaping. Research from SFGate shows that these improvements can increase the property's value anywhere from 5.5 to 12.7-percent. In other words, a $300,000 place can fetch an extra $16,500 to $38,100.

2. New Plumbing Fixtures And Hardware

Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the first places potential buyers look at, so consider giving them a makeover if the house is going on the market. Replace dingy faucets or trim, install new cabinet handles, and think about putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Buyers want a house that is ready to move into, with rooms that are ready to go, not ones that say future projects. So, give them what they want with these improvements, and in turn, ensure that you get the price that you want for the home.

Last But Certainly Not Least

3. Have Inspections Done

A lot of folks hate the thought of inspectors walking through and nit-picking every little thing in a home. However, if a person wants a high figure for the place, one of the best ways to accomplish the feat is by getting a clean bill of health for the building. The last thing a potential purchaser wants is to buy a structure with foundation, plumbing, or structural issues. When no concerns are present, they will gladly pay the asking price and make the property their own. So, if you are thinking about selling, let the investigators do their jobs and get the most out of your investment.

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