Home Improvements That Increase Property Value

Home Improvements That Increase Property Value

Conventional wisdom says that any home improvement you undertake to your San Francisco, CA home should increase your property value. However, that’s a dangerously simplistic point of view that isn’t always right. There are some things you can do to a property that you may view as an improvement but may actually drive away potential buyers. Landscaping to create a hedge maze with an intricate garden, for example, may seem like an attractive idea but for people that don’t want to take on that kind of regular maintenance, that crosses your home off their list.

So what should you do with your San Francisco, CA home? While it’s true that not every job you get done to your home is a guaranteed improvement, there are some very safe bets that usually add much value to a home for many people thinking of buying. Here are the three safest investments you can make that will really add a lot of value.

The Kitchen

Undertaking a kitchen remodel is one of the best home improvement decisions that any homeowner can make. The kitchen continues to be the heart of the home, and trends come and go for what’s now considered fashionable kitchen design. Updating a kitchen to meet these modern demands is always a safe bet.

Kitchens undergo regular, intensive use in a home. Various oils, smoke, steam, and other particles become embedded in the walls. Counters are exposed to constant cleaning and spills. The floor is also subjected to spills from drinks and food. Over the years, not only does a kitchen eventually look out of touch with modern design, the sheer wear and tear will be obvious. Taking the time to put in new counters, tiles, faucets, and other fixtures make a kitchen ready for a new family.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are another safe investment. While bathrooms don’t experience the same extremes of heat, smoke, fumes and other liquids, no other room is exposed to as much liquid, steam and moisture in the air as bathrooms. Through years of use, bathrooms can eventually contract mold, grout and other side-effects of constant moisture.

Also, like kitchens, the sinks, taps and other fixtures can easily look dated. Whereas bedrooms and studies look as modern as the furniture in them, the fixtures of a bathroom easily define the last decade work was done.

The Exterior

Finally, every home in San Francisco, CA can greatly benefit from a facelift to the structure itself! While landscaping, gardening, and a swimming pool may or may not improve a home, repairing siding, or replenishing the roof is always a good step.

The roof, after all, is subjected to years—if not decades—of exposure to the elements. Missing shingles or other visible damage can lower the value of your home, so make sure that doesn’t happen to you! The same goes for the siding. If there are missing or damaged pieces of siding in a home, this makes it very easy to bargain down the value, as the damage can be pointed out. If you fix it, however, you’ve made your home more valuable.

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