The Ideal Solution For Preventing Your Kid From Living At Home Forever

The Ideal Solution For Preventing Your Kid From Living At Home Forever

After becoming a parent, a person's life changes for good. They start out not getting any sleep thanks to the little ones waking up what seems like every 30-minutes. Plus, there is the non-stop action of changing diapers. These beginning years are a bit tough, but they soon get better, well, at least depending on who you ask. After all, there is always the constant worries of feeding and clothing them as well as the wandering thoughts of if they are okay when they are out of your sight.

Still, once the stepping on toy cars and Legos phase is out of the way, and the kiddos turn into teens, parents have an entirely new ball game on their hands. Now, guardians have to start preparing their children for college in San Francisco, CA and hoping that they have developed them into mature young adults that are ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, times are tough though, which means more and more kids are moving back in with mom and dad after their college experience. In fact, a study from the Pew Research Center shows that more 18 to 34-year olds than ever before have this living arrangement.

Some Parents Like Having The Child In The Basement

A lot of guardians enjoy helping the children out in their time of need. They like that they are financially stable enough to offer assistance. However, other parents don't want this particular situation to be their future. They would rather keep the pizza rolls and chicken nuggets in the freezer all to themselves. So, the question is, how do they prevent such a fate? The answer is not always straightforward, but one way to help teens become responsible young adults is by enrolling them in a personal finance class featuring the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum.

The Foundations In Personal Finance Program Is Taught In More Than 40% Of High Schools

This course has impacted the lives of over 4-million students to date. It boosts their financial self-confidence and helps them understand that their parents are not their personal ATMs. The class assists pupils in areas such as budgeting, saving, and investing as well as becoming financially literate. Covered courses include but are not limited to...

  • Saving For Retirement
  • Paying For College Without Student Loans
  • Being A Young Entrepreneur
  • Creating A Monthly Budget

Make Your Life As A Parent Easier

There is a lot of weight put on every parent's shoulders when it comes to getting teens prepared to deal with finances. In some cases, the guardians don't even know how to handle the stuff themselves, so how are they supposed to teach their little ones? Plus, teenagers always seem to be having mood swings and talking with them is nearly impossible. So, let the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum take care of the massive financial teaching responsibility while you worry about present problems such as prom dates, driving, and getting them graduated from high school.

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